“Nowadays, thanks to the rampant use of cell phones, it’s almost impossible to tell how some audience members feel about a band’s gig. But at a Midnight Spin show, those devoted fix their gaze upward, unfold their arms, and proceed to violently skank and hop about between bouts of fervid admiration bordering on a religious experience. And the Brooklyn rockers more than deserve that kind of frightening praise, forging an impassioned blend of punk and metal that reaches mainstream levels of polish and craftsmanship without ever forgoing any sense of personal dedication, intensity, or even any sort of ulterior motive to transcend their indie rankings.”

-Chris Coplan Consequence of Sound

Produced by Justin Gerrish (Vampire Weekend, the Strokes, Weezer), Midnight Spin’s debut album Don’t Let Me Sleep is the result of endless bleary-eyed practice sessions and late night stumbling across the East River that has inspired and yielded a full-length album worthy of its name. From Cohen spacing the record with wurlitzers and organs to Scull bashing it out like the Grohl of yore, the twelve-song LP combines 90s alternative and punk energy with modern indie elements from their Brooklyn home.

Don’t Let Me Sleep scrapes together everything you once loved about rock music and makes it hum again like a dirty, little noise-box from the future. Catch the band on tour in a city near you.